Electric Car Ranges

Charging stations are becoming more and more common, but the range of an electric car is often the key priority for new buyers – right after the price point. We’ve listed all the electric cars on the market in the United States from best to worst electric car by range in the graph below. The graph includes only 100% electric vehicles. I made this list because I found that a lot of lists of ranges of electric vehicles online were not up to date and had different information than that listed on the official sites of the manufacturers.

Information current as of 2/16/2016. I went on each of the vehicles official website to get the most recent specifications on range. Ranges are based on EPA city/highway fuel economy equivalent. Note that city ranges are going to be significantly higher, however combined range is the standard tool for comparison within electric vehicles.

Plug-in electric vehicle followed by fully electric range

  1. 2016 Tesla Model S (90D All – Wheel Drive) 286 Miles 460 KM
  2. 2016 Tesla Model S (P90D Performance) 270 Miles 435 KM
  3. 2016 Tesla Model x 256 Miles 410 KM
  4. 2016 Tesla Model S (70D All- Wheel Drive) 239 Miles 385 KM
  5. 2017 Chevrolet Bolt1 200 Miles 322 KM2
  6. 2016 Nissan Leaf (SV) 107 Miles 172 KM
  7. 2016 Nissan Leaf (SL) 107 Miles 172 KM
  8. 2016 BMW i33 99 Miles 160 KM (Comfort Mode)
  9. 2016 Kia Soul EV 93 Miles 149 KM
  10. 2015 Fiat 500e4 87 Miles 140 KM5
  11. 2016 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive 87 Miles 140 KM
  12. 2016 Nissan Leaf (S) 84 Miles 135 KM
  13. 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf 83 Miles 134 KM
  14. 2016 Chevrolet Spark EV 82 Miles 132 KM
  15. 2016 Ford Focus Electric 76 Miles 122 KM
  16. 2016 Smart Electric Cabriolet 68 Miles 109 KM
  17. 2016 Smart Electric Coupe 68 Miles 109 KM
  18. 2016 Mitsubishi i 62 Miles 122 KM

Tesla Model S has the farthest electric car range

Did we miss one? Let us know in a comment below and we will update the graph. You’d be surprised at some of the official websites of these cars. While range is one of the first things a potential customer wants to know about an electric vehicle, it’s often difficult to find within the website.

Want me to make a chart of updated electric vehicle ranges for your country? Let me know and I’ll make a region specific chart for where you live!

Please note: 

The Chevrolet Bolt range is an estimate based on current tests. The Chevy Bolt will be a fully electric vehicle available in late 2016. The official EPA estimate is not currently available.

The BMW i3 has an optional range extender, which is either a petrol or gasoline engine. As this is an optional feature, we have included the BMW i3 as a fully electric vehicle but have not included the range with the optional extender. 

The Fiat 500e is currently only available in the following regions: California, Oregon.

The Fiat official website does not clearly list the official range of their 2015 model.